This is my first blog post in a long time, so please bare with me as I attempt to navigate my way through my brain and reveal content that I didn’t know existed.

You reach so many plateau’s on your journey as a photographer and each one you climb to you step up off the edge with anticipation that you have made it, only to discover that the summit is still far from being reached. As I imported my card from Lana & Kayden’s session, I held my breath as the perfection started gridding on my screen. YES! I had reached it, here was that summit… No. But here was a new and exciting chapter of my journey opening up. No longer did I fear the weather and no longer did I fear pushing the limitations of my client. There was no questions or concerns from Lana & Kayden when I asked them to walk out into the long wet mountain grass. Nor was there any anxiety when they trusted me to position them on the cliff face, the view completely swamped in fog.

Kayden contacted me just before Christmas with a session request. He wanted to surprise Lana for her birthday. The downside to technology was that I missed his initial email and when I finally found it and responded in February he was still just as excited, as there was no alternative for him when it came to these images. I was to take them. It had to be us. That in itself builds up a pressure and anxious anticipation… How far can I push this session? Can this session be the next level for me? Without a doubt I was determined to make this session an amazing experience for both Kayden & Lana and myself.

I grew up wandering and camping throughout the mountainous ranges that surround my home base in Sheffield, Tasmania. I know it like the back of my hand, the grasses, the mountain berry bush’s, the rivers, waterfalls and I have bagged a summit or five. I have seen so many amazing images coming out of various locations in Europe and North America and read so many longing comments, I wish I could shoot there, I wish we had that here… And truth be told we do. We just have to work for it. Some of the landscapes I have seen could have easily been any of the beautiful mountainous ranges I spend hours navigating here in my own backyard. As an adventure photographer, it is my job to find these locations and I take that job very seriously, often spending full days hiking to find an exact spot.

When Lana and Kayden hopped into my ute ready for the drive to our location, I excitedly started telling them about where we were going and my excitement grew when they told me they had never explored the area. Part of these adventures is taking people to places unknown to wander and see new things. As we climbed the mountain I prompted them for cues about their life, love, future ready for the session. My aim is to create these amazing natural moments, and I find that when I converse with my clients I can connect on a level I have never been able to before.

This session. This beautiful, natural, raw session made my heart sing from the first image I captured on the foggy road to the final cliff moment when the clouds finally caved to the heavy rain awaiting release. It was photographer heaven but not for the faint hearted, and I roared like a warrior as I took on the weather gods and challenged myself to create this stunning set for this beautiful couple.

Here is to more adventures in the coming months.

Peace, Flick


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